Skin Care Tip

Skin Care Tip

One of the outstanding benefits of our spa is that we offer medical grade skincare.  We will not let you leave here without a through , skin analysis, addressing skin care goals, concerns and how to achieve the results that you desire. This includes talking about what you put into your body i.e. diet and lifestyle. Also, tips we offer that help holistically balance what we find out during this initial visit. Each medical grade facial is customized just for you, no two are alike.  This may include some or all of these offerings:  double cleansing, a enzyme based gommage that starts to loosen dead skin and be exfoliated away, your option to have dermaplaning a procedure that removes dead skin and villous hair as well as aiding in collagen stimulation, a naturally derived acid contain either lactic, salaycilic or kojic base, extractions of every blackhead and we mean everyone as well as milia extractions( whiteheads that have skin grown over them that are trapped), high frequency to call down skin after extractions as well as removing any remaining bacteria, depending on skin type a calming skin massage of face decollete hands and arms or a stimulating massage of the same areas to aid in lifting, hydrating and firming of the skin. Lastly, we finish with a complimenting mask to your address your skins needs by the end of the facial once removed the esthetician applies serums, eye creams, moisturizers and sun screen depending on your skin.  We offer to send you home with the right products to use.  Your homework is just important as coming in every 4-6 weeks on average or based on what your Esthetician recommends. We are all extremely passionate estheticians with a common goal being always to give you a results based skincare regime, facials and anything we feel that would get you to what makes you feel like the best you possible.

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