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By True Skin Care Center


While it’s easy to decide that you want your skin to look better, it’s much harder to find the time to research treatments and actually go in to get it done. That’s where lunchtime facials come in. Lunchtime facials only take a few minutes to complete in the office and provide incredible results. Obagi’s Blue Peel Radiance is one of our favorite lunchtime facials because it is customizable, quick, and flawlessly addresses a variety of skin problems, leaving your skin looking more radiant than ever after just one treatment. Here’s what you need to know about this unique light peel.


There are a ton of skincare producers out there. We probably know that more than anyone. But Obagi stands out from the crowd. Obagi is known for consistently crafting incredibly well received products that actually result in long-lasting healthier and beautiful skin. Obagi productsare best sellers across the board for a reason. From entire transformative systems that help you reduce visible signs of skin aging with a step-by-step process, to individual, professional-grade sunscreen that keeps your skin safe, Obagi offers many carefully-created products to keep your skin as healthy as possible with the finest ingredients.


The Blue Peel Radiance is one of Obagi’s best products out there. Since it can be customized, it works for pretty much all skin types, colors and ages. It is designed to make your skin tighter, brighter and smoother after just one treatment. So, how does Blue Peel Radiance do this?

The light salicylic acid-based chemical peel is made up of both trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and a unique blue paste. This allows your Esthetician to keep better track of how deep the peel is going. The layers of skin with the most problems and damage will be removed with the peel over a few days, revealing a fresh new layer of skin. It’s not over in the office. The chemicals continue working on the deeper layers of your skin to reveal the most naturally beautiful and fresh layer. The remaining skin is tighter, smoother and rejuvenated. Best of all, the in-office portion of the treatment doesn’t take very long.


What makes the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance really unique is its ability to be customized for each individual’s skin goals and skin type. The peel allows aestheticians to easily control how deep the peel affects your skin. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity and the severity of your imperfections, an additional coat can be added for even more dramatic results. Unlike other superficial peels, there is no one-way to do this peel. The treatment matches your goals and needs, making it truly special.


Immediately after your treatment, you should notice that your skin looks younger, smoother and tighter. These results will continue to improve for the next 7 to 10 days, after which your skin should be completely healed again. You should notice an improvement in the appearance of scars, wrinkles, melasma, sun damage, and pores. You will also see that the texture and tone of your skin is improved. Though just one treatment will transform your appearance, a series of four to six treatments will give your skin the best results possible.


Written By: Heather White at
Consider this exceptional approach to exfoliation.

Woman's face with flower in lower right cornerWhen it comes to skincare, we often get to a point where we consider seeking outside help. As we start getting older, we may notice that our skin has lost its luminosity. We have developed a fuzzy face and we realize that the over-the-counter remedies that we’ve been using are simply not as effective anymore. This is when some of us decide to seek professional help. The answer is dermaplaning, with many benefits for your skin.

During the teenage years, skin naturally exfoliates every two weeks. This means that fresh, youthful skin is revealed as the outer layer of dead skin cells is shed, This helps to keep the complexion youthful and glowing. Skin can become dull when blood flow and oxygenation of skin cells is reduced. As you age, it’s necessary to add some form of exfoliation into your skincare regimen. There are many forms of exfoliation: granulated facial scrubs, enzyme or chemical peels, AHA peels and professional treatments that do a deeper exfoliation with the added benefit of your skincare specialist infusing professional products deeper into the skin. Always get advice on what type of exfoliation will suit your skin; everyone is different.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an intensive and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermal tissue and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair. It’s a form of manual exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion, but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals. In my opinion, it’s a slicker, smoother form of abrasion. A sterile blade is stroked along the skin. Yes, it does sound scary, but trust me – it’s at an angle to gently “shave off” dead skin cells from the epidermis. Your skincare specialist is doing the stroking while holding the area of the skin taut.

photo of procedure being doneThe normal skin growth cycle is around 28 days. Since dermablading removes about 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells, it’s best to wait about 3-4 weeks between treatments.  Use a professional who is qualified in doing this procedure; it takes skill and an understanding of the skin function to carry out this treatment.

The Benefits

The improvement is immediate with smoother texture and fresh skin appearance. It’s great for removing light surface wrinkling and improves the overall texture of the skin, it helps to unblock blackheads making the pores appear smaller, and it speeds up healthy cell production. As with any type of deeper exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells allows professional and home care products to be more effective, evens skin tone and assists in reducing milia and minor breakouts.

It helps with acne scarring with a course of treatments. It’s suitable for almost everyone except those with acne-prone skin. The oil from the sebaceous glands needs to travel up and connect with the vellous hair in order for it to be excreted.  If the hair is removed and the oil builds up, the glands are obstructed and this causes more breakouts. This is the only skin condition for which I would avoid this treatment.

As an exfoliating treatment, which is an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion, dermaplaning has added benefits. It removes fine facial hair (peach fuzz) as well as being an intensive skin rejuvenating treatment. I know there may be concerns regarding the removal of vellus hair. It’s the number one question, so let me explain about HAIR.

The fine, translucent downy hair on your face is vellus hair and is found on your face, chest and back. The base of the vellus hair lies very close to the skin’s surface. This is totally different from terminal hair, which is far coarser and grows on your head, underarms, pubic area and brows. Because vellus hair is so fine and different from terminal hair, cutting it DOES NOT make it grow in thicker or feel stubbly afterwards.  Men’s facial hair is terminal hair, ours is vellus.  As we age, we get more peach fuzz. Many women remove it regularly with threading, waxing and now dermaplaning!

Written By: Heather White at

Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

Skin Care Do's and Don'ts at Bon Air Med Spa

By Jennifer Walker at

Skin Care Do’s

Drink Plenty of Water – Water is essential for a healthy complexion. H2O flushes out the toxins in your body and keeps the rest of your insides on track and working properly. Your skin is the very last organ to receive nutrients and nourishment from water. Meaning that in stressful situations and during these summer months especially, you have to drink even more water than you normally would! How much water should you be drinking? Take your body weight and divide it in half- that is how many ounces of water you should be taking in daily.

Moisturize – Moisturizer is one of the most important beauty products out there. Whether it be for the face or for the body, keeping your skin moisturized will combat multiple skin concerns down the road. Using an overnight moisturizer is a great way to stay consistently hydrated. Skin cell regeneration works faster overnight so using a nighttime moisturizer before bed is sure to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Exfoliate – Weekly exfoliation is a must to remove old dead skin cells and to make room for new cell regeneration. Using an exfoliation scrub gently once or twice a week can help to keep your skin glowing. Be cautious with exfoliation though, too much can make your skin over sensitive and irritated quickly! Try using a Clarisonic a few days a week to ease into exfoliation if your skin gets sensitive easily.

Get a Facial – Instead of trying a DIY facial treatment let the experts give you the advice and treatment. Make sure you do your research before selecting a spa for your facial. Allowing someone to work on your skin can be a frightening thought but if you find a well recommended spa you should be fear free. If this is your first time doing a treatment start with a basic facial and let the esthetician recommend where you should go with your next one – maybe aiming more towards anti-aging or acne fighting masks and treatments in your next visit.

Eat Healthy – Just as our mothers told us growing up “You need to eat your veggies!” – If you’re anything like me and can’t sit down and eat a plain and dry salad try an alternative like juicing. Natural juices are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients that help increase blood flow as well as total cell turnover and regeneration making for the healthiest complexion!

Use SPF Protection – SPF should be worn daily on all skin types – even in the winter! SPF will fight the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays on your skin. You can mix an SPF with your daily moisturizer or find a moisturizer with SPF already in it.

Skin Care Don’ts

Don’t Over Do It – Don’t go overboard with your skin care routine. Keeping it as simple as possible will ensure a healthy complexion. Testing out too many serums and constantly changing your skin care routine will irritate your skin. Find one routine that works best for your skin type and stick to that for as long as possible! This will help to keep your skin balanced and happy. You really only need to wash your face once a day – washing twice a day can also be over doing it.

Don’t Always Trust Pinterest – Although Pinterest is one of my very favorite addictions and I do find some really good DIY ideas – it isn’t the most ideal place to find skin care advice. I will admit I have tried some really awesome masks but it is important to be aware of which at-home ingredients are helpful and which could be harmful. Proceed with caution when you see vinegar, spices, hydrogen peroxide, egg whites and or citrus in the recipes.

Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee – My one vise is my worst enemy. One cup of coffee a day can be beneficial but too many Starbucks trips in one week (or one day for some of us) can be dehydrating on the skin. Our skin needs all the water and hydration it can get, especially in the heat of summer so try to limit your coffee intake as much as physically possible for your lifestyle.

Don’t Over Exfoliate – Doing a once or twice a week exfoliation to remove dead skin cells is a great way to keep your skin healthy. Over doing this can give you reverse effects. Avoid using harsh scrubs that will make the skin irritated and vulnerable. If you have oily skin you can handle more exfoliation per week but if you tend to have dry/normal skin stick to once or twice a week max!

Don’t Touch Your Face – This is easier said than done especially if you have a blemish that you can’t help but pester. The more that you touch your face the more problems that will arise. When you touch your face with unclean hands you are pulling bacteria from your dirty hands to your face and causing more fuel for the blemishes. Keep your hands off your face at all costs and do not pick or pop any blemishes! Again with the easier said than done but doing so will result in scaring- leaving you with bigger problems than a measly ol’ pimple.

By Jennifer Walker at

Tend Skin

Tend Skin Solution

Reduces the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, skin redness from hair removal and more.

All of these cosmetic problems relate to hair removal.  This means Tend Skin liquid is good for Women and Men.  Men can use it on their faces, necks and back of the head.  Women will find it useful on legs, bikini lines, underarms and anywhere else hair removal creates ingrown hairs or razor bumps.  Tend Skin liquid works very quickly.  You will see results in 24 hours.

Welcome to Bon Air Med Spa

Welcome to Bon Air Med Spa

BAMS was established December 3, 2011, by a close-knit group of women working together to provide all of your skincare needs.  A happy, friendly, and loving place for our clients to visit is what we wanted.

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Skin Care Tip

Skin Care Tip

One of the outstanding benefits of our spa is that we offer medical grade skincare.  We will not let you leave here without a through , skin analysis, addressing skin care goals, concerns and how to achieve the results that you desire. This includes talking about what you put into your body i.e. diet and lifestyle. Also, tips we offer that help holistically balance what we find out during this initial visit. Each medical grade facial is customized just for you, no two are alike.  This may include some or all of these offerings:  double cleansing, a enzyme based gommage that starts to loosen dead skin and be exfoliated away, your option to have dermaplaning a procedure that removes dead skin and villous hair as well as aiding in collagen stimulation, a naturally derived acid contain either lactic, salaycilic or kojic base, extractions of every blackhead and we mean everyone as well as milia extractions( whiteheads that have skin grown over them that are trapped), high frequency to call down skin after extractions as well as removing any remaining bacteria, depending on skin type a calming skin massage of face decollete hands and arms or a stimulating massage of the same areas to aid in lifting, hydrating and firming of the skin. Lastly, we finish with a complimenting mask to your address your skins needs by the end of the facial once removed the esthetician applies serums, eye creams, moisturizers and sun screen depending on your skin.  We offer to send you home with the right products to use.  Your homework is just important as coming in every 4-6 weeks on average or based on what your Esthetician recommends. We are all extremely passionate estheticians with a common goal being always to give you a results based skincare regime, facials and anything we feel that would get you to what makes you feel like the best you possible.