Skin Care Tips

Skin Care TipsOur goal is to get you started on the right track with your skin.

We tend to take more of a holistic approach to skincare verses harsh topicals and antibiotics.  Instead of “band aiding” a skin issue to only help for the time being, our estheticians start by analyzing your skin to actually fix it.  Upon your initial visit, we ask that you bring the products you use at home, including make up.They ask questions about your personal skincare routines, products, lifestyle, and also expectations to pinpoint a problem and find a true solution.  Because this is a skin care spa, the facials are corrective, not just fluff and buff.  At Bon Air Med Spa, we spend a lot of time researching the best skincare products that we feel are extremely results-oriented, cost effective, and natural.

For your initial visit, please bring all products using at home including make up to thoroughly diagnose if they’re causing any problems to the skin.  We want to offer solutions to better your skincare system. During first session, a lot of talking about diet, exercise, water intake, lifestyle and go from there. Work with the client with those factors to achieve a true result. Not just about a facial and cleaning, it’s so much more. We believe in our philosophies here- internal workings are just as important as external.